The Over/Under on The CW’s Dawn Ostroff (Or When Will Moonves Make The Right Move?)

The Can’t Win Network (The CW) is running out of options.

MELROSE PLACE?  Dawn Ostroff was convinced bringing it back would bring back many of the 90210 fans who gave up quickly last season on 90210 when they went back to memory lane for a look at an updated Melrose.  Nope.  90210 isn’t looking good and MELROSE PLACE is a ratings failure.

THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE?  Dawn Ostroff was convinced putting a soap opera about models behind ANTM was a no brainer.  People who saw the pilot were convinced anyone who picked up the poorly written and acted show were in need of a trip to the wizard.  The viewing public appeared to have agreed as the show opened up to horrible numbers including a dismal 0.7 in the 18-49 demo.  Can you say canceled?

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES? It saw a drop of around 25% in its second week, but remains the top show on The CW.  The fact is though that if it continues to lose viewers it may level off at SUPERNATURAL numbers … which is still better than anything else The CW has (although GOSSIP GIRL had its best numbers in almost 11 months this past week against repeats), but lets face it, it’s not enough to save the network that continues to lose money.

The facts are this:  Things are only going to get worse.  This coming week will have everyone’s favorite shows returning and shows they can’t wait to check out debuting.  The CW was successful last year in debuting early compared to everyone else, but they delayed it a week this season.  So instead of having some viewers make a commitment to a new show, they’re likely to tune into their old favorites this week.  This means GOSSIP GIRL will likely have a less successful night tomorrow, and VAMPIRE DIARIES will be up against a full lineup.

The only real success seems to be SUPERNATURAL which held up better than I thought it would up against FRINGE, holding on to numbers similar to its worst of last season.  I figured that matchup would cause more trouble for SUPERNATURAL than it did.

So now the question is… How long does Dawn last?  Will Moonves make the cut before Winter, During Winter, During Spring or never?  My bet is during winter, but it could be coming rather quickly.

After all it’s deserving.


4 responses to “The Over/Under on The CW’s Dawn Ostroff (Or When Will Moonves Make The Right Move?)

  1. Hi Nick! First time posting here.
    Can someone explain to me why Dawn still has the job? I mean, is she related to or in a relationship with someone at WB or CBS???

  2. Gypsy898, she is really good at keeping a job she doesn’t deserve and laying the blame on everyone else. This was the first lineup that was 100% hers. She got to move SMALLVILLE the top scripted show on the network to Friday, and she alone chose the pilots to go forward on. Right now she isn’t looking good.

  3. Melrose Place and The Beautiful Life seemed to be utter failures. Is there any hope of moving one of them to Friday and putting Smallville to one of their timeslots?

  4. I’m just bewildered there isn’t at least one other midseason replacement. Dawn is way too optimistic, without reason, especially given past seasons.