SUPERNATURAL Is A HIT… on DVD. (Or Another Reason Dawn Ostroff Is An Idiot)

The top DVD in the world right now for the SCI-FI genre is TRUE BLOOD, and there is no denying that.  There is also no denying that Season 3 of HEROES is the 2nd most popular SCI-FI series on DVD right now.  However, coming in at number 3 is SUPERNATURAL which is having a better year in DVD than anything on The CW.

That’s right the brothers Winchester have outsold Clark Kent.  They’ve outsold FRINGE (massively).  They’ve done the unthinkable in my mind.  I was thinking they’d get a small spike in DVD sales, but the show has seen a large spike, while SMALLVILLE saw a dip.  SMALLVILLE has always been worth 500k in DVDs per year, and it looks like just over 400k might be its peak point.  SUPERNATURAL on the other hand may just hit 450k in sales.

Lets look at The CW and their prized possessions:  GOSSIP GIRL and ONE TREE HILL.  OTH is outselling GG and is likely to hit 200k units moved, while GG will be lucky to get to 190k.  SUPERNATURAL sold more in its first week than OTH and GG are estimated to sell this year.  Even when the holiday sales numbers spike their sales, SUPERNATURAL will be gliding towards 450k, while the other two shows are hopeful for 200k.

When you look at the Blu-Ray sales things are a little different.  SMALLVILLE looks likely to hit around 50k units sold by years end, while SUPERNATURAL is going to be lucky to hit 35k units sold.  Compare that to DOLLHOUSE which is going to be lucky to hit 125k in DVD, but is looking like it will hit 25k in Blu-Ray.

So SUPERNATURAL is a hit on DVD, pulling ok numbers in Blu-Ray, and entirely kicking the ass of The CW’s “favorite shows,” and that my friends is just another mark against Ostroff.  At this year’s major events to kick off the new season there were tons of “talent,” from GG, OTH, 90210, MELROSE PLACE, and THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE.  SUPERNATURAL wasn’t even present.  The big marketing push nationally once again left the Winchester boys behind.


The Late Great Kim Manners Giving Jensen Direction

What is sad is the fact that it’s one of the best shows ever on TV.  For the genre it may well be the best show of its type of all time.  It has none of the downward trending that THE X-FILES had.  It’s coherent and the mythology is always forward moving (unlike FRINGE or even LOST).  Sure, it’s on The Can’t Win Network, so it has trouble getting exposure.

However, in my mind if you flipped FRINGE and SUPERNATURAL to the other network we’d probably see the same overall type of numbers, except I believe FRINGE would do slightly worse on The CW, and SUPERNATURAL would do slightly better on FOX.  Plus on FOX the show would be a hit, and the talent would be paraded around.  Ok, maybe they’re glad they aren’t on FOX.

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4 responses to “SUPERNATURAL Is A HIT… on DVD. (Or Another Reason Dawn Ostroff Is An Idiot)

  1. I love this post so much. Almost as much as I love Supernatural. It really is the little show that just keeps on trucking, despite everything against it (I think the budget right now is about the same as a school kid’s lunch money, right?) While I’ll happily admit season 1 was rough in places, it truly has developed into one of the best genre shows of the decade.

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  3. I have to admit that SUPERNATURAL is a show I passed on first time round. I (wrongly) got the impression that it was just a monster of the week procedural. Having started over recently I’ve been really impressed with how well it holds together. There’s none of the narrative slopiness that creeps into many other shows, and it’s stayed pretty focused (I’m halfway through Season 3). It’s certainly head and shoulders the best thing on CW.

    I actually cringe when I look at the list of shows on CW. Forcing someone to watch most of those back to back would probably get you put up in front of a tribunal for crimes against humanity.

  4. Really interesting analysis. I’m one of those who bought the season four DVDs and have started watching the show, never having watched regularly before. I had heard it was good from friends and always meant to watch but never quite got to it. It really is an excellent and highly underrated show though and I’m enjoying catching up on the rest of the series.