Behind The Screens Growing Pains ***UPDATE: NEW HOST, SITE BACK, ***

You may have noticed the new site is down.  Traffic does that, we have a new service provider and are busy moving everything over….

in the mean time feel free to comment here about how HEROES bombed last night and make some predictions on how NBC is going to handle it.


11 responses to “Behind The Screens Growing Pains ***UPDATE: NEW HOST, SITE BACK, ***

  1. NBC moves it to Fridays by November. Trauma bombed as well. Ouch.

  2. There are two problems with that, first, what do you replace it with and secondly, NBC can’t move everything to Friday.

  3. Unless Heroes falls even deeper (and I’m not ruling that out), I think NBC just lets Heroes run its course. It’s not as though they have an abundance of hit shows to slide into that time slot.

  4. Question about Heroes…….How much effect (if any) does British viewing figures of shows have when deciding to Renew or Cancel a show, because Heroes is hugely successful over here (for an american show) despite its obvious downward spiral in quality.

  5. Heroes actually did better than I had expected, by retaining more viewers than I would have thought.

    September 21st
    Rating/Share – 2.8/7
    Millions – 6.27

    September 28th
    Rating/Share – 2.5/6
    Millions – 5.82

    I’m sure that NBC isn’t happy with it, but don’t they have potentially bigger problems with Trauma and Mercy?

  6. British viewership has practically no bearing what so ever on renew/cancel decisions. Networks in the US make decisions on what makes them money and very few shows are produced in house. For example a number of NBC shows are made by WB International showings the money goes to WB not NBC.

    I think only Babylon 5 did british Viewers really matter, and thats cause it got so huge over here that Chanel 4 helped subsidise season 5

  7. Usually overseas viewers are totally irrelevant. In the case of HEROES they may be more of a factor, mainly due to NBCU doing some tidy business in selling DVDs & sales of the show itself to foreign TV networks. There was alot of buzz after the first season and I got the impression that HEROES sold very well on the international market. I’m also sure there are alot of TV companies around the world feeling a bit shortchanged now.

    Unfortunately for NBC (the network), they don’t get to see that profit. Nick C basically said a few posts back that half the reason HEROES is still on the air is due to pressure by NBCU on NBC.

  8. We’ll see how things shake out over the next few weeks, but if anything, Heroes will take back 9pm (or stay at 8pm and lead into Southland).

    At this rate only Office, 30 Rock, Biggest Loser & Leno will be back in 10/11. Yeesh.

  9. The Behind The Scenes site is now up again (at least for me).

  10. I certainly hope Jeff Gaspin can do something to right the ship, but this season (as of now) looks like another loser.

    Nick, when will we see Jeff Gaspin implement his strategy/way of thinking? It seems like he’s stuck with BS’s crapshoot.

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