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Nick C is some one who likes numbers and loves to analyze them.  Nick C is a recognized commentor on the website TV By The Numbers and enjoys Appleton Estate rum.  He is an industry insider.  How and where he gets his information is going to remain a mystery.  The easiest way to protect sources is for no one to know who the hell to question.  If you’re wondering what industry news was broken first by Nick C:

1.  DIRTY SEXY MONEY cancellation (he stated it was official and would be reported that day, and it was reported hours later).

2.  PUSHING DAISIES cancellation (stated at same time as DSM)

3.  TSCC cancellation (he stated it was official and would never be reported and just left off the up fronts).

4.  DOLLHOUSE renewal (he stated it 2 days before the media reported it)

5.  Reported on CHUCK status and what was going on.  Every detail he said was going on, was later confirmed by Producers of the show in interviews about the bubble situation.

Any questions, comments, rumors, stories you’d like published, etc. feel free to email:

The NickCBlog@GMail.com