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Let’s Kvetch About the Ratings! By Rachel N.

The end of summer draws upon us, bringing with it the return of the fall season. Once again we’ll swear television has reached new highs or new lows. We’ll applaud the eagerly anticipated debuts and returns, be disappointed by the filler, and look on with disbelief at the zombies that no one has yet put down.

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WAREHOUSE 13 Review By Rachel N.

I had not heard much about this, but what little I did, I liked. A show about two government agents assigned out of the blue to a cross between area 51 and that warehouse in Indiana Jones? And then they have adventures and squabble with each other? Sounds like fun. What could possibly go wrong? A lot, actually. Even bad shows can be good if they’re fun or funny enough, intentionally or not.

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The Encroaching DVD Menace? (Or Is DVD Killing Niche TV Shows?) By Rachel N.

I mentioned the growing trend of releasing even brief and long since canceled series onto DVD in my last post, and the question of whether DVD releases are hurting niche shows (which brief and quickly canceled shows released on DVD tend to be) has come up.  I thought long and hard on this topic and came up with this answer:

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List of Summer Shames by Rachel N.

I love summer. I love every last aspect of it, even sunburns and heat-waves and mosquitoes, if only because it’s not really summer without them. I even love summer television. It always seems gloriously good or gloriously bad, not to mention strange. In comparison, the fall line ups always seem so tame and colorless. I’ve gotten a bit spoiled, these last few years, with cable and hulu  and the ever-growing trend of releasing even long forgotten cult hits onto DVD.

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