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No details.  Just dead, dead, dead.

It seems they toyed with a Labine-less, and Harrison-less REAPER with Ray Wise and a new actor playing “Sam,” but they decided to not go through with it.



Maybe.  More than likely.  If it is coming back it will be without Tyler Labine.

REAPER Saved (?)

Details to follow, sorry I was out golfing all day…

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REAPER Still Lives…

REAPER is still not dead.  I’m told by multiple sources that the cast and crew have still to be formally let go from their contracts.  The Affiliates have yet to be officially offered the show….

Which means SPIKE and SCI-FI still haven’t said “No.”  So double or triple your efforts.  The tock is clicking.

REAPER Fans: Email SPIKE & SCI-FI (Or is ABC Trying To Double Dip?)

Just trust me on this,  spam them today.  Well not with spam, but legit “please pick up REAPER if you can,” emails.  Mention your age and cable provider.

Update:  Ok, from what I’m hearing the CW affiliates are interested but there has been no formal offer as yet.  Why?  Well it appears the guys and gals over at Alphabet Studios are trying to sell the show’s previous 2 seasons into syndication first.  Why?  Well it appears they are trying to pull what was pulled on USA with BONES:  repeats + repeat of new show that aired only weeks earlier.  The targets of that syndication deal are SPIKE & SCI-FI.  Once they have that deal in place, the affiliates will get their offer.

So the good news is that fans of REAPER who don’t live in an area with an affiliate that picks it up will get the opportunity to catch it on cable shortly after the original airing.  It’s not a bad business plan, and is likely what it would take to keep the show under its present budget.

REAPER Decision To Be Delayed?

Nikki Finke has an interesting article up about a possible shake up over at ABC, both at the alphabet network and at the Studio.  Will this affect REAPER?  Well one of two things is going to happen:

1.  Steve will wait until the REAPER deal is done.

2.  Steve will make the changes and REAPER will have to overcome the shake ups to get picked up.

I’m going with number 1 from the people I’ve talked to.  Nikki’s article does have some merit, but we’re talking about Steve McPherson who is known to make bipolar disorder people like Ted Turner look stable.  That means it could go either way.

REAPER fans need to keep bugging Tribune and Sinclair Broadcasting Group.  I suggest creating mini-petitions of people who live in the major areas of those stations.  Have them include addresses and AGE.  Also make sure they’re in the 18-49 demo.  If you can get a major advertiser to show interest in one of those areas, contact them.

Don’t spam them, don’t send things to their offices they don’t need.  Don’t make a silly donation to the Catholic Church (you know to fight Satan) and try and get their attention that way.  Just be polite, send a letter/email and if you can petitions from local viewers.

Message From Jenny Wade, actress on REAPER (Nina demon lover of Ben)

The following is the work of one Jenny Wade, actress on REAPER.  I’m giving this its own post because it doesn’t need to be at the bottom of some comment thread.  I edited LOTS to Legend Of The Seeker just incase they dont know the internet lingo for it.  Use it to contact all the Tribune stations and show interest in REAPER:

Dear Nick and Reaper fans,

Happy Memorial Day!
I’ve compiled a complete list of all affiliates owned by Tribune Broadcasting, and included direct email and contact links to their programming departments. Hopefully your readers will message each one of them to continue our efforts to save “Reaper.”

Here’s a sample letter to copy and paste. Following are the links.

Dear ___,

I’ve been hearing talk that the Tribune may have something to do with saving “Reaper” from the undeserved condemnation to the proverbial TV graveyard by pairing it with Legend Of The Seeker. This news is beyond exciting.
As a dedicated fan, I can tell you that we are all on board with you and fully supportive of this venture. We love our show and believe it has all the potential in the world to make a serious impact for whomever decides to champion it!
The show has an incredibly dedicated fanbase, as shown by the series astronomical DVD sales and diligence in scoring admirable ratings against juggernaut American Idol two seasons running!
Seeing this series thrive, as it is meant to, and WILL DO, is something I, and it’s legions of fans, anticipate highly!



P.S. If I have reached you in error, would you please forward this on to whom it may concern? Thank you!

Here are the direct links:










DENVER (comment form on home page)













Hopefully they all work. Feel free to copy and paste this to any message boards and supportive websites you know.

Much love,