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The New Website….

Is up in Beta Format:

We have multiple writers and it should get interesting rather quickly…..

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Details Of My Demise Were Premature

Work.  That is why I haven’t been posting.  I was dragged back into the trenches.  It was financially worthwhile.

I have some news and I’ll post things shortly.

Sorry About The Lack Of Posts

I’ve obviously not been around.  The life of a semi-retired person means that “semi,” sometimes means work.  For me that means a lot of set visits and other things.  So the good news is I’ve got lots of good info about different shows and movies, just haven’t had the time to post about it all.  I’m home for the weekend, then back to another set Monday.  I will be posting new things soon.  I think I’ve got some posts from Brian S, and maybe others I can throw up today.

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Now That TheMediaFan Has Been Banned Where Will They Go? (Our Second User Poll!)

In our tradition of making fun of the people who get banned for behaving poorly….

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Conspiracy Against Sci-Fi/Fantasy With Awards? (Or Can We Put This Stupid Myth To Rest Now, PLEASE?)

I hear it time, and time again.  There is some kind of bias against sci-fi and fantasy by the major awards:  Oscars, Emmy, and Golden Globes.  So the question that must be asked is, is that true?

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The Nick C. Take On The Emmy Noms. (Or What The Hell, Nobody Watched Anything But 30 ROCK and MAD MEN?!?)

So the nominations came out for the Emmy Awards and there were a couple surprises…

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Top 100 TV Shows Of All Time Number 1 (Or Nick C Has No Taste)

So you want to know what I rank as the greatest show of all time?

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