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Behind The Screens Growing Pains ***UPDATE: NEW HOST, SITE BACK, ***

You may have noticed the new site is down.  Traffic does that, we have a new service provider and are busy moving everything over….

in the mean time feel free to comment here about how HEROES bombed last night and make some predictions on how NBC is going to handle it.


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HEROES Debuts To Series Lows, NBC Sharpens Axe (Or How Much Longer Will HEROES Last?)

HEROES Season 4 debuted last night to dismal ratings.

6.27M people tuned in and 500k immediately tuned out before the 2nd hour started.  Which basically means that nearly 10% of America did what I wanted to do last night:  tune out.

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Was FRINGE A Success On Thursday?

The short answer?

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So We’re Now BS-Less, And That Is A GOOD Thing For CHUCK Fans

This is a long post, and if I knew how to make a post from my BlackBerry I’d have had this news for all of you last Sunday, but well I don’t, so you didn’t.  This is just a teaser for the post I’ll be writing about NBC getting rid of BS and more importantly how Gaspin should right the ship, but is it too late?

CHUCK Will Not Be Working At SUBWAY

This should make a few of you breathe a sigh of relief.

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