Was FRINGE A Success On Thursday?

The short answer?

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The Over/Under on The CW’s Dawn Ostroff (Or When Will Moonves Make The Right Move?)

The Can’t Win Network (The CW) is running out of options.

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CW Gambles and Loses on MELROSE PLACE (Or Dawn Ostrof Is Still Stupid)

90210 was a surprise hit last year pulling in huge viewing numbers for the CW.  Then a couple weeks passed by and the people who wanted a 90210 stopped tuning in.  Despite that Dawn Ostroff decided to bet on a relaunch of MELROSE PLACE the old “sister,” show of 90210.  Every person with an IQ over 70 in Hollywood scratched their heads in disbelief.  The show is a massive failure and was beaten last night by WAREHOUSE 13 on SyFy (pronounced see-fee) last night and heck, SyFy even made a point of it in a press release.

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TRUE BLOOD SEASON TWO REVIEW (Or Why Nick C. Still Thinks Vampires Suck But Now In A Naughty New Sexy Way)

VAMPIRE DIARIES debuted to a huge opening for THE CW.  I said last year it had to be a hit, and it is (for now).  Vampires are IN.  If you’re someone wondering how to breathe life back into daytime soaps, I suggest bringing back DARK SHADOWS.  Vampires are just the hot topic for a lot of non-goth right now.  While vamps were extremely successful with the Goth crowd of the 90s, vampires seem to be a far larger cultural phenom right now and there is no better example than HBO and their series TRUE BLOOD, which on Sunday Night ended its second season run.

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So Is The LENO SHOW A Success? (Or, Why Do People Try To Judge Things So Quickly?)

Over 18 million people tuned in to the premiere of Jay Leno’s new show.  The Late Night Chin killed during prime time.  He had overwhelmingly strong numbers.  He was up against the…

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Details Of My Demise Were Premature

Work.  That is why I haven’t been posting.  I was dragged back into the trenches.  It was financially worthwhile.

I have some news and I’ll post things shortly.

TRUE BLOOD Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, By Brian S

Picking right up from last week we find the newly found Godric saving Sookie and it’s seems he really isn’t in too much trouble, allowing himself to be caught and held by the Fellowship of the Sun. Godric wants humans and vampires to live in peace and he shows several signs of good faith in this episode.

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